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Mushroom ornament deluxe kit

Mushroom ornament deluxe kit

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Paint your own adorable mushroom ornaments in this custom kit. This is brought to you by The Go Design Makers Club, a sister company to GO Design Services, a design and makers studio in Harpenden where we not only make props and models for fashion, retail and entertainment but teach you how to get making too.
The kit includes;

-16 Laser cut mushroom ornaments

- A curated selection of high quality acrylic pigments

- A custom paint pallet 

-Two paint brushes

- String to tie your ornaments up with

Within The Go Design Makers Club sustainability is key. We source everything as sustainably as possibly, with as much of our material coming from deadstock or purchases from other companies surplus. 

We can't wait to see your creations, feel free to at us on Instagram @godesignservices or contact us if you need any further help. #thegodesignmakersclub Happy making!

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